Half Day Excursion to the Cave of Is Zuddas in Santadi

  • Duration: Aprx 5 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Min. partecipants: 4

One of the most beautiful caves of Sardinia


Near the old village of Santadi, there are caves of particular interest called "Is Zuddas". Immediately after the entrance, on the vault, we can see the remains of an extint rodent, the Prolagus Sardus, disappeared about 400 years ago. It lived only in Sardinia and Corsica.They are naturally carved in the Cambrian limestone of the mountain of Meana. The tunnel that allows access to these caves presents a series of rooms full of concretions. The first room is called "room of the columns" because of the presence of various stalactites and stalagmites which join together to form columns. Passing through a natural tunnel one can reach the "Organ" room, which owes its name to a column similar to an organ. At the bottom and over the walls there are corral and needle-shaped aragonites. The third room is the so called "theatre" room which is wonderful and very large. The fourth room is the so called "Eccentric" room. The vault of this room is fabulous because of the presence of unique eccentric aragonites which have developed in the vault in every direction without observing the rules of gravity.In the same area there are other very beautiful and interesting caves such as the Cave of Pirosu, inside which there is a vaulted sanctuary dating from the Nuragic period, the cave of Campanaccio and the cave of Capra.

Way back:

After the visit of the caves we’ll go back by the beautiful coastal road that won many times the price as one of the most beautiful road of Italy.


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