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Sardinia Tourist Guide Gift Cards

Let your beloved unwrap something very special such as an outdoor adventure in the unspoilt and glamorous Sardinia.

Sardinia Tourist Guide Gift Card is the ultimate surprise to show your love. Start packing for them the scents of mediterranean scrub, the colours of Sardinian sea and the wow effect of a Sardinia Tourist Guide adventure.

The unconventional present is a gift card starting from 20€ (basic daily excursion fare) to be used along all the year both for our trekking, walking tours and kayak experiences.

If you get a gift card of 80€ you will receive a gift from us with another 20€ gift card.

There is no limit to the value of the Gift Card. Once you grab yours you can use it to discover our island whenever it suits best for you.

If you know someone who might be keen visiting Sardinia off season, Sardinia Tourist Guide gift card will give you access to some of the most authentic events and experience in Mediterranean Europe.

Top winter events in Sardinia

  • January bonfires (in many parts of the islands, in Barbagia the traditional carnival starts on this day)
  • Traditional Carnivals (in many parts of the island, Carnival is something very serious in Sardinia)
  • Horse jousts (the most famous in carnival are the Oristano Sartiglia and Santu Lussurgiu “Sa Carrela ‘e nanti”

How might your present with a STG gift card look like in spring or in autumn

  1. Kayaking in Cagliari
  2. Wild trekking in the mountains
  3. Cooking classes with locals
  4. Wine experiences with high quality small wineries
  5. Hiking in the mines

Our daily excursions fares start from 20€.

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