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Discover the most exciting authentic travel experience in Sardinia

Sardinia, with its rugged landscapes, rich history and vibrant culture, offers a travel experience like no other. Beyond the conventional tourist paths, this Mediterranean gem unveils its authentic charm through unique tours that delve into local traditions, exquisite cuisine, and UNESCO-listed sites. Embark on a journey guided by a professional tour expert to discover the most exciting and genuine aspects of Sardinia.

Unveiling Culinary Delights with your Local Guide

We believe in love at first glance. It’s not difficult to fall in love with Sardinian traditional recipes and flavors. 

Starting from the heart of Cagliari, the capital city of our island, a small group food and wine tour awaits, promising an intimate exploration of Sardinian gastronomy. Venturing off the beaten path, visiting unusual spots and locations around the city, this experience is designed for foodies and curious travelers takes you to local markets, hidden trattorias and family-run wineries. All expertly navigated by Franco Cerniglia, a really experienced local guide. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Sardinian flavors guided by a sardinian who understands the nuances of the island’s culinary traditions and love to share it with visitors from all over the world.

Immersing in Local Traditions where Sardinia express itself at its best

lunch wineyard sardinia barbagia

For a deeper dive into Sardinian authentic traditions, the Barbagia Experience offers a full-day adventure in the heart of Barbagia, the heart of Sardinia. Mamoiada and Orgosolo, two quaint villages, provide a backdrop for an immersive journey into the island’s cultural tapestry. From ancient rituals to the renowned Mamuthones and Issohadores carnival masks, every step resonates with the authentic spirit of the island, expertly explained by a professional local guides and local inhabitants. 

A Personalized Sardinian Encounter

What is more authentic and authentic and sincere when traveling than spending a day with a local family? 

For those seeking an exclusive and personalized encounter with Sardinian life, the Private Family Experience opens the door to the island’s soul. Tailored to your preferences, this tour allows you to engage with a local family in the village of Aritzo, witness age-old traditions, and participate in daily activities. In a stunning place, in a beautiful location, surrounded by mountains. A landscape very different from what all tourists expect to finding Sardinia. It’s a unique opportunity to create lasting memories while immersing yourself in the authentic lifestyle of Sardinia, totally out fo the beaten traks.

Exploring Ancient Wonders with a professional guide

private guided tour sardinian history

Sardinia’s authenticity extends to its archaeological treasures, and the Private Tour of UNESCO Site Su Nuraxi and Giara is a testament to this. We Sardinians are intimately connected to our millenary history. 

That which starts with the Nuragic civilisation, passes through eras of colonization and liberation battles, and reaches the present day. If you really want to live an authentic travel experience you have to explore the mystique of Su Nuraxi, a UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to the Bronze Age and witness the unique landscape of Giara, home to the wild Giara horses. 

This tour seamlessly blends history and nature, expertly narrated by a local guide, offering a profound connection to Sardinia’s rich past.

In conclusion, Sardinia’s authenticity is not just a concept but a tangible and immersive travel experience. Our carefully curated tours, guided by a professional local expert, provide a gateway to the soul of the island where traditions, flavors and history intertwine to create a travel adventure like no other. Discover the real Sardinia, where every step is a journey into the heart of Mediterranean authenticity.

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