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Experience Sardinia at its best while traveling in the island (and coming back)

Sardinia is not a touch-and-go destination. Curious travelers should visit Sardinia and definitely consider returning here multiple times in their lives for a myriad of reasons, encompassing outdoor adventures, exquisite food and wine experiences and the rich historical tapestry of the island. My blog and my website are full of reason why you should travel in the second bigger Mediterranean island and in this article we try to summarize the main ways to experience Sardinia at its best, especially when you visit it more than once.

First of all Sardinia offers an outdoor adventurer’s playground with diverse landscapes, from the rugged Supramonte mountains to the pristine beaches along the coast, from the south to the north. Returning allows for exploration of different regions, each presenting its own unique outdoor activities and challenges.

The second, and tasty, point is pretty easy to trust: Sardinian cuisine is a tapestry of flavors, blending fresh local ingredients with unique culinary traditions. Furthermore, if you love wine let me tell you the island’s vineyards produce exceptional wines, including Vermentino and Cannonau (and also Carignano, Monica, and so on…). Have you ever taste them? Multiple visits enable travelers to expand their palate, indulging in diverse wine-tasting experiences and discovering the nuances of Sardinian viticulture.

Last, but not least, Sardinia’s history is etched in its archaeological sites, such as the Nuragic complex of Barumini. Returning allows curious travelers to delve deeper into these historical marvels, uncovering more about the island’s ancient civilizations and their intricate structures. Sardinia’s rich cultural heritage is celebrated through traditional festivals and events. Multiple visits provide the opportunity to participate in and witness various festivals, each offering a unique glimpse into the island’s customs and traditions.

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Three ways to experience a vacation in Sardinia that will make you want to come back

Sardinia is a treasure trove for the curious traveler, offering not just a single experience but a multitude of layers to uncover. With each return, there’s the promise of new outdoor adventures, gastronomic delights, and a deeper understanding of the island’s rich history, making it a destination worth revisiting time and again.

Unleash your craving for outdoor adventure

The first suggestion to explore Sardinia at its best is to embark on a thrilling adventure through Sardinia’s rugged beauty with our expert outdoor guides. If you love open air experiences, don’t lose the chance to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes hikes tailored by our professionals, with customizable itineraries that cater to your preferences. Join us for full-day tours, or multidays adventures, exploring gems like Tiscali and the untamed Supramonte, as we cater to the outdoor enthusiast in you. For a shorter adventure, we suggest you to uncover the allure of the Devil’s Saddle, an iconic short hiking path nestled in the heart of Cagliari, capital city of Sardinia.

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Live the most intense food and wine experience of your journey in Sardinia

Indulge in a half-day culinary journey with our Small Group Food and Wine Tour from Cagliari, a gastronomic adventure closed to Cagliari. Join a small group or your family for an intimate exploration, uncovering Sardinia’s flavors. Immerse yourself in the island’s culinary secrets, visiting small agricultural producers for an authentic taste of local life.

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Deepen your understanding of Sardinia through its history

This is the last tip of this article but not the less important at all. If you want to experience and feel a destination at its best don’t forget to jump into its history.  Our featured tours, such as the Prive tour of UNESCO site Su Nuraxi and Giara, delve into the heart of the Nuragic culture, offering a captivating narrative of Sardinia’s ancient past. Meanwhile, experiences like the Barbagia Experience Full-Day Tour in Mamoiada and Orgosolo unravel authentic traditions, painting a vivid picture of rural Sardinia. These tours ensure an unparalleled Sardinian experience, where every cobblestone and every tradition tells a story, allowing travelers to connect with the island’s soul. 

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In addition to these tours, we can organize any type of itinerary and experience for you to intimately discover the history of our island, fall in love with it and come back one more time… and even more!

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